Know What? TradeRush is a Scam and a Real One

Indeed, to say it out loud, TradeRush is a SCAM and they really are a real one scam company. One of their agents will come to you and make all the talks about the newest kind of online investment, the binary options. Yet, when they are doing all the talking, they even forget (or this could be purposively done) to show some demo accounts!

Now, of course the point of all this forgetfulness is to make you all forget as well that that demo account is an important evedence that the investment is not a fraud one to make. And how do you call people who make you forget about such important piece of evidence once again? A scam, right? And a real one that is!

To make matter worse (worst still for you if you let yourself forget asking the demo account), Trade Rush will never hold themselves accountable for the missing accounts of your own savings! Instead, they will blame yourself saying it then that this is your own careless deed for not even taking any heed of their disclaimer terms. And how could people even refer to such disclaimers if they appear in one of very small 25 printed links which happen to also never show up when Trade Rush did all the previous talks?

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