Ruben Law Firm Highlights Unnoticed Causes of Divorce

When it comes to filing for divorce and the legal advice, many people turn to trusted family law attorneys, such as those professionals found at the Ruben Law Firm in San Francisco, CA. Although the divorce rate in America has somewhat declined in recent years, it is still a common incident impacting families every day. Most will agree that divorce is not a pleasant experience, and while it is important to pursue proper legal actions when separation is a must, it is also imperative to understand the causes behind divorce. 

Causes of Divorce that go Undetected

Most Americans are familiar with the top causes of divorce which can include situations where the couple is facing issues regarding addiction, infidelity, financial strain or even simple boredom. While these issues are necessary ones to address when it comes to mediation, prevention and divorce law, it is also essential to look at some of the other causes of divorce that may go undetected. By looking at the following examples, one may have the ability to detect a problem early on and seek proper help or at least begin to pursue appropriate legal assistance towards divorce or separation:
  • ·         Communication Issues
Many times a married couple may appear perfect to the untrained eye; they look happy, healthy and more importantly, a good match for one another. However, these signs may cover up problems that the couple may have in terms of communication. Since relationships are a major part of life, it is expected that couples will face transitions and decisions throughout their journey together. However, some may find that they cannot properly communicate these feelings, ideas or concerns as the relationship was built on a faulty foundation of interaction. Sometimes counseling can help couples overcome communication issues, but in most cases many will let it become too uncontrolled that a divorce is necessary.

Although poor communication could ruin a marriage, there is still a chance to reach an amicable divorce through open communication. Through mediation and open dialogues separating couples can address what they want and how they want to pursue the split—perhaps to make the process quicker, less expensive and less painful.
  • ·         Social Influences
Even though individuals may commit to one another in a marriage, they are still bound to have social friendships outside, such as with coworkers, neighbors, new acquaintances and old friends. While these relationships may remain platonic, some people may influence a partner in the wrong direction. For example, a friend may suggest that someone’s husband or wife is not good for them, planting in ideas that may lead to one wanting to get a divorce. Whether or not these claims from friends may prove true, it is important for couples to maintain their marital relationships apart from social influences.

Unfortunately, many of these influences can go too far and push a couple towards divorce. However, even if a couple feels divorce is necessary, it is crucial that they keep their legal processes away from outside influences. Each partner should pursue the divorce in the manner they choose, without having outside pressure from friends or family impacting their legal wishes. 
  • ·         Shift in Standards
When couples get married, they often see one another as their perfect soul mate; however, as the couple becomes more close, one partner may end thinking that they are “too good” for his or her spouse.  While this shift in attitude may come from acceptable reasons, most of the time they are looking at the situation with a focus on the self. It is important for individuals facing these thoughts to look outside of their own perception, and look at the qualities that make their partner an excellent one. Doing this may help avoid troublesome divorce situations, before higher standards take control. 

Finding the Right Help

Those who have tried to overcome these issues, but still find themselves unhappy in a marriage may find themselves in a state of limbo; they want to pursue a divorce but are not sure how. When one reaches this point it is important to seek efficient legal help from a family law representative, such as those serving the Ruben Law Firm. In regards to all causes of divorce, Ruben Law Firm maintains that it is important for clients to clearly express their needs partners and attorneys to ensure a positive end result.

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