The Criminal Attorney

A criminal attorney specifically studies and focuses on crimes. These crimes are very specific and are filed by the government. Prosecutors represent the government and defense lawyers represent the person accused of a crime. Each state has different types of crimes and offenses. Not all of the states in the United States of America consider the same offenses criminal acts. These have two categories: the misdemeanor and the felony. The misdemeanor is usually seen as a light offense and those who are charged with this may go to jail, but usually not for more than a year. Time is usually served in the local jail.

A felony is a serious offense that can land a person in a state or federal jail for several years. In court, the degree of the crime may be described as such. The types of charges that a criminal attorney is usually trained to defend may include rape, kidnapping and murder. These are the more heinous crimes that are usually warrant the government taking charge to bring the offender to court.


Helping mediate punishment is one of the main purposes in this field of law. The punishment will guarantee that the person who has committed the crime will have to pay for said crime. If there is no punishment then everybody will do whatever evil he or she wants without fear of retribution. The criminal attorney defends those accused of doing the crime and he will inform his client what will happen if they fail in court. The law is in place in order for people to have something to follow and abide by. Those who break it are liable to be punished in one way or another depending on the severity of the crime that they will be charged with. The court of law that tries criminal is also in place in order to keep those who are dangerous to society from others. Incapacitation is another reason why there is this field of law. In order for the person to reflect on his wrongdoings and to protect other people from being inflicted with his company or presence, the wrongdoer is placed in a place where he can be supervised and monitored.

The criminal attorney has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. He is bound to try his best to make sure that his client stays out of jail, or at the very least have reduced charges. The defense of a crime is usually done in a court of law with a judge and/or a jury.

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